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Welcome to the Winterfest of Wheels!
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Vehicle Owners Information:

Thank you for being a part of Sioux Falls largest indoor charity car show. Each and every one of you are very important to us. Without you there would be no Winterfest.

For those of you traveling please take note of our accommodations page, rooms can be found in the convention center facilities.

When you arrive if need be there is an area to clean off your car if it happens to be snow covered, some of you are brave enough to drive.

Please have your car as ready to display as possible to facilitate faster placement. The show has grown and due to the large number of cars this will speed up placement.

Important requirements of all show participants displaying vehicles on the show floor and not in a vendor booth along the walls.

  • Please, no "For Sale" signs to be displayed on vehicles. If you have your vehicle for sale and have vinyl lettering on one window it should be limited to one inch high by six inches long. This is important to the quality of the show. No window signs will be allowed.
  • Only paid vendors may have a table and chairs or similar items set up in their booth      advertising products or services they provide. We understand you may have a sign that gives information about the vehicle and its builder that may also have a business card holder on it. But please no display racks with literature on them or tables/chairs. Out of respect for our paying vendors please abide by this rule. If you would like to advertise your services during the show please contact us to display as a vendor.
  • We will politely remind you at the show if you are not a paid vendor and happen to forget these items.
  • Thank you again for being a part of the show!

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Winterfest of Wheels
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